The Anturio Group

Anturio Group is a holding company that is dedicated to the investment in start-ups and cashcows and that seeks to dynamize the Portuguese business fabric. We believe that the economic strength and group experience are essential in an ever-changing market.

Investment strategy

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Pact of non-competition

Who we are

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Duarte Miguel Freitas | Chairman Of The Board

  • He founded anturio in 2009 and since that time dictates the fate of the company. With a technical background in Software Engineering and Computing, by Instituto Superior Técnico, he soon considered it useful to have new and more knowledge, which led him to take a Master in Computer Science, by the same institution.
  • Shortly thereafter, he completed an MBA in Business Administration at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.
  • This knowledge was applied throughout his professional career, first as Project Manager at Siemens, then at Nokia Siemens Networks, and now at Anturio.